Different versions of the same thing. Technically speaking, that sums up my approach to a project I’ve been working on in my free time. For me, it trades in some familiar technologies from my day job for slight variations in flavor. Specifically: React for Vue, MySQL for PostGres, and Flow for Typescript. Challenging, but not terribly difficult. I would give it a four on a scale of ten in terms of learning “new” technology (which brings to mind, in the case of Vue - if it’s still using Javascript, how new is it?). The web development ecosystem has evolved such that someone like myself can swap out working on different technologies without breaking their brain. Maybe the next project will be in Rust.

I’m kidding, but I keep saying that, and these things have their way of manifesting themselves.

One of the other things I wanted to take advantage of here is conceptualizing the project as different services or parts. Instead of jamming everything on one server, it was easiest to create a separation via three separate EC2 instances - the web client, the api, and the service that runs migrations against the production postgres instance.

I had been reading plenty - about microservices, Vue and dev ops and this was the intersection where I could put my own selfish desires and “product ideas” together with whatever I had been learning.

I don’t expect this project to stand still technically or as a product. I do have a high level vision for where this all goes, so it makes sense to keep moving with whatever feedback I can garner. This is where it gets deeper for me - can I fathom the product ideas, the user acquisition concepts, the sales, all of the stuff I’ve relegated to others? I’m game to find out.